Friday, May 14, 2010

guitar techniques (sweep picking/sweeping) part 1

on rock music festivals we've seen the guitarist was playing guitar with a very fast movements and sounds amazing melody. guitarists was using several techniques, techniques that make the guitar even more confident, a lot of technique to play the guitar melodies that we can learn. and here you can learn about it all.
1 arpegio.
Is arpeggios that?

is a perfect arpeggio of a chord notation is plucked alternately, is not really complicated things, because if you play on an acoustic guitar chords played later you many org ato perfect and always used to call it the word beam chord notation ato ato shock and then you pick , then it is the same as arpeggios This sweeping movement itself is done with the sweeping strings with sequential notation. on the electric guitar itself let alone the music Neoclassical arpeggio many apply, because they are much to the notation on the violin, such as for example mamlsteen Yngwie, Jason Becker, impelliteri, paul gibert
|--------------7 (down) -12 (increase) p7 ------  |------------ 8 (down )------- 8 (up )-------------|----------9 (down )------------ 9 (up )----------- |---------9 (down )---------- -----9 (rises) --- ----| 7 (down) -10 (up )---------------- 10 (up)---|-------------------------------------------------
writing up and down in brackets are examples of the movement of the pick.
this is one example of e minor arpeggio of notes and it turns out the e minor arpeggio notes of the same with the e minor chord, which is how to pick arpeggios performed with sweep movement (sweep), unless there are two notes in a single string then pluck remains with alternate ways ie up and down, in picking arpeggios should be done slowly first, and most importantly is not one and the other must be the same price, do note one other note faster then slower.

and the sweep is part of the arpeggio, which usually is the third-string plucked down from arpeggios.
techniques for this one was in need of serious and painstaking exercise, since the hand that was not used and is still stiff, it is impossible to master this technique you can learn how to play the guitar online please try


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