I was the guy who reside in the city caruban, my first child of two brothers. . . 
year 2009 yesterday I graduated from vocational school.. .
and now I work at a garagein caruban dynamo.
from here I started career as a mechanikal dynamo..  .
I really lik the music. .  therefore I created this blog to dedicate my hobby. .
always trying and never give up is my life's motto
learning continues to be a better
I aspire someday to have his own workshop dynamo. . .
 I created this blog to share about me and the music world, this blog also represents about my love for the music.on this blog I want to share tips, news, and science of musicmusic is a means to express about ourselves,please share your experience, what is your impression about the music, and always support music in the country. .