Saturday, October 1, 2011

Chris Brown revolutionized the frenzy F.A.M.E. Tour

Uniondale, New York - If there is a place that Chris Brown gets out of the cloud halo holders often regretted that threatens to rain upon him, is the stage. Emphatically demonstrated when it made landfall late Friday in New York Nassau Coliseum (capacity 18,000), the halfway mark of his fame Tour.
Far from his Twitter account, even the hidden dangers of the iPhone, Breezy cleared the brush of his personal distractions, and it was simply sublime on stage. Instead of calling to mind the pop and his fellow B, Brown cast a King of Pop, who also fought bad press during his lifetime.
Such is the mandate of Brown that four albums to his credit, now even the songs that seem to appear only become your own. Appropriate in a tuxedo jacket and pants adorned with sequins trim, Chris into the hook that makes Ace Hood "Body 2 Body" from sexy to downright sexy, and that movements to match. The performance space was expansive Coliseum and is divided into three levels, connected by a series of steps and stairs, with a series of five large cylinder at the base, and overheads, a large video screen projected CB music well as a parody of concerts had fans running to look suggestive messages sent from the phone of the star for accumulated screaming girls in the crowd. ("I can see you tonight?" One of them reads.)
Rinse and repeat the same feat for her song-stealing chorus in the bottles clinking Big Sean "My Last", stalking the stage as an MC.
By the time Chris came to the room a little aggressive ballad "No BS" were the white shirt and jacket, and had reached fever squeaking of way. What's in C. Wind? Maybe it is just at that moment is the late teens balance of energy (Brown seemed to bounce off the tip of his feet never quite touch the ground Jordans) with masculinity in the making, but managed to find the perfect dose of sweetness to the down-on-knee bending songs such as "All Back", "not you" and "Next to You" and then just enough arrogance to strong shocks, the dance-heavy as "Yes 3X" and "Look At Me Now".

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