Saturday, December 26, 2009

bondan prakoso feat to black

The flow of music that brought the band with three vocalists, the other was from the other. While other bands chose to pop music with the sound of the rhythm-ndayu mendayu, with a twisted style of dangdut music, Bondan Prakoso and Fade 2 Black, gives a different rhythm.
Natural that bands that have predicate best rap Indonesia Music Award 2008, the easily accepted by society, especially young people. Although initially terdengan very strange, but this flow difference, which makes the band with debut album skyrocketed Unity is not easily forgotten. Beginning with a song entitled, Unity, three direct vocalist to express appearance.
Blue cross All three looked very energetic and attractive. Not to mention the communication with the audience continues to be done, as an invitation to jump together. [BondanPrakoso8]

Friday, December 25, 2009

kotak band - pelan-pelan saja

begining from dream band contest held in 2004,formed a band named Kotak band  which is comprised of personnel who have been selected previouly cella (guitar),Ices(bass),pare (vocals), posan(drums)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

guitar playing tips and tricks

Here I Will give you tips on choosing the right guitar for your style.many novice guitar players in the world of music to wonder about what the guitar is suitable for on their musical style. . .
That usually choosing a guitar does not match the type of music Which will of bring great influence on the performance on stageFollowing I give the examples of the right guitar for your show:
  1.  ROCK I suggest you to use : -gibson,rolling,rockson,parker. . .gibson guitar as an example of this is often in use by a slash (guns and rosses)
    guitarist even ungu band from indonesia also uses this guitar brand 
  2. POP I suggest you to use : - ibanez and fender This type of guitar has a voice that is soft and nice and clean, many are idolized this guitar brand
  3. BLUES I suggest you to use : -dame s1,extreme AN series this type of guitar that are often use Abdee (slank) 
  4. ACOUSTIC I suggest you to use : -cole calrk FL1A,yamaha C-80