Friday, December 25, 2009

kotak band - pelan-pelan saja

begining from dream band contest held in 2004,formed a band named Kotak band  which is comprised of personnel who have been selected previouly cella (guitar),Ices(bass),pare (vocals), posan(drums)

kotak band is the only band that brought the kind modern rock music and nuanced a bit "dark". by displaying the sound distortion . . modern rock but also with a cool guitar techniques

you could say,without going there dreamband 2004 can not exist  a band called kotak band
kotak band as the champions get the opportunity created for the same solo abum. with the formation of two boys and two girls are quite attractive with the stylisth kotak 'gothic',consider just one momment from the jury dreamband 2004.

kotak band means four side and four corners which are united into kotak band that describes four different people united in one container music
latter in the year 2008 Pare(vocalist) and Ices(Bassist) resigned from the band . . . than tantri (ares band) and chua (swasti sabdastantri) joined the band

with the introduction of two new personnels seem to alter the flow of kotak band
now they come up with songs that more fresh and soft, but do not eleminate the element "ghotic" in this band
consequently their songs liked the country music listener

 The following is the title track 'kotak band' which is a favorite at music events in the country:

Pelan-Pelan Saja - Kotak
ku tahu kamu pasti rasa
apa yang ku rasa
ku tahu cepat atau lambat
kamu kan mengerti
hati bila dipaksakan
pasti takkan baik
pantasnya kamu mencintai
yang juga cintai dirimu
cuma kamu
lepaskanlah ikatanmu dengan aku
biar kamu senang
bila berat melupakan aku
pelan-pelan saja
tak ada niat menyakiti
inilah hatiku
pantasnya kamu mencintai
yang juga cintai dirimu
cuma kamu
repeat reff
pelan-pelan saja
repeat reff
pelan-pelan saja
(lepaskan aku, lepaskan aku, lepaskan aku)
pelan-pelan saja

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