Saturday, December 5, 2009

guitar playing tips and tricks

Here I Will give you tips on choosing the right guitar for your style.many novice guitar players in the world of music to wonder about what the guitar is suitable for on their musical style. . .
That usually choosing a guitar does not match the type of music Which will of bring great influence on the performance on stageFollowing I give the examples of the right guitar for your show:
  1.  ROCK I suggest you to use : -gibson,rolling,rockson,parker. . .gibson guitar as an example of this is often in use by a slash (guns and rosses)
    guitarist even ungu band from indonesia also uses this guitar brand 
  2. POP I suggest you to use : - ibanez and fender This type of guitar has a voice that is soft and nice and clean, many are idolized this guitar brand
  3. BLUES I suggest you to use : -dame s1,extreme AN series this type of guitar that are often use Abdee (slank) 
  4. ACOUSTIC I suggest you to use : -cole calrk FL1A,yamaha C-80

 with proper selection of guitars, I believe your actions on the stage would be amazing.but do not forget to choose a good effect, hopefully useful tips from me to you
you may often find a problem with your guitar,for example;
  1. guitar handlebars are not straight anymore, so the string to float. for this problem try the tips:
  • loosen the guitar strings at night
  • guitar hanging by ropes on how to give head stock and hanging on the wall

     2. how to maintain acoustic guitar sounds:
  • Do not put the guitar in a damp place
  • enter into a tube guitar pepper, it proved to make the material stay warm guitar so his voice remains melodious
guitar picking techniqueinside the guitar that we can not do it carelessly because there strumming his guitar in its own techniques that can facilitate us in picking a musical instrument tersebut.di in picking guitar technique are two kinds of ways, namely:
'TIRANDO'ie picking guitar technique whereby the flying fingers on guitar strings. that is, after plucking guitar strings, your fingers are not touching the other strings or next. . . This method is used to pick cords and games arpegio
'APOYANDO'ie picking guitar technique, where the position of your fingers on the strings attached gitar.maksudnya, strumming his guitar at the time, fingers plucking the strings to stop and run out of strings on it.This method produces a loud passage.

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