about music in caruban

hy, music lovers everywhere. Here I will tell you about the music industry development in the city where I live 'caruban'
like most kids in other bands, they started their step as a music player as a hobby.
from start to listen to music, and inspired to play music.
and a suitable place to do all that just in the music studio, where I lived, there was some music studio which can be options for playing music or just training,
famous studios 'caruban' is;
  1. 'Freedom studio' located at the north fork in the road Ahmad Yani caruban 
  2.  'Omega studio' which is behind the big market caruban  
  3. 'Jasmine studio' located at the intersection south of the mosque 'Jami' 
  4. 'Exel studio' in the village 'batu ngampel'  
  5. 'Progressive studio' located in the north of the mosque 'Jami'
from studios above has been a lot of cool musicians and gave birth to famous bands such as band-Arsondo
  • Destroid band
  • Alien band
  • Krakatoa-band
  • Black-band variants
  • Band-freedom property, and many more. . .
our review of the 'freedom studios', this music studio owned by 'mas gogot' is also a musician 'bassist' caruban.studio origin is located in the north fork in the road ahmad yani.not only as a studio course, freedom also often took part in the event- events music festivals or parades. there are also sold musical instruments and equipment. freedom usually frequent host of the event from the 'corner Djarum black music' 

These studios also provide private music lessons (individual) and group music lessons with an affordable cost. with music teachers experienced and very senior in the field of music.I often encounter the children of junior secondary and even primary school children had been studying musicIt shows how highly the favorite music ranging from children to adults,even the latest one, now in the big cities are equipped with recording equipment at a cost varying from Rp 200,000 (4 songs) to Rp 450,000 (2lagu)with the existence of such facilities, the bands which already have their own songs that do are usually the result of recording tape and put it on the radio broadcast studio.
therefore the players do not always connect with music on the negative things, maybe with the music itself will teach creative and more creative with the art of music.