Friday, May 14, 2010

'arreal Tilghman' dangdut singer from american

dangdut which I think is only available in Indonesia turned out wrong, dangdut music was already 'Go International'. .flow of music which is identical with the Indonesian people are apparently already started in the international public favoriteevidenced by the emergence of dangdut singers foreign origin, ranging from Malaysia to the United States.

one of them is American origin dangdut singers 'arreal Tilghman' American dalah dangdut singer. Start a waterfall in the world since winning the audition dangdut dangdut show in America held by the NSR Productions in Philadelphia in early 2008.
Furthermore, this 22-year-old boy went to Indonesia in mid 2008. For the past two months, singer from Cambridge, Maryland is studying the twisted dangdut singer and singing instructor, Trie Utami.
Dangdut Arreal debut album IN AMERICA released on 12 September 2008. With this launch too, Arreal get an award from MURI as the First Foreign Dangdut they can play free music.
arrial very dedicated with proven dangdut dangdut by launching an album titled 'dangdut Tilghman ARREAL IN AMERICA'.because it wanted to study music dangdut, arreal learned 'twisted' dangdut with Trie Utami

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