Saturday, May 15, 2010

geisha gets an award

Geisha finally, Band origin Pekanbaru also skyrocketed, and now truly compete on the national scene. Geisha song is now playing in the chart-chart song top homeland. Call it hitsnya song entitled 'If Love Him', which may no longer be foreign to the ear.

Former geisha who had formerly called 'jingga band' is known for his song "cinta lama bersemi kembali '(CLBK), now re-echoed with first album since named Geisha at the beginning of this year.
Unmitigated, those who used the belt of indie, now berawakkan Febri band (drums and leader), Momo (vocals), Roby [(Guitar), Aan (guitar), Amek (keyboards), and Bernard (bass), this Indonesia contracted by Major Label, Musica Studio.
their album entitled 'anugrah terindah' so fond of music listeners, easy songs in familiar and comfortable in the hearing, with a distinctive theme song about love and youth issues.
not only makes it the most publicly known of this band is the voice of the vocalist 'momo' is really cool and very unique.
the advantages they had, a lot of the geisha who idolize this band 

they won an award for their album, and awards received by Ramadan, Momo, Robi, Aan, And Nad RBT is a Triple Platinum Award from the music labels where they take shelter.
"With the release of the song 'jika cinta dia' who reached two million downloads RBT is the most beautiful gift given to Geisha." Revealed the personnel Geisha
You must have never heard a song from the geisha is the most powerful? These lyrics to the song 'jika cinta dia'

' Jika Cinta Dia'
terlampau sering kau buat air mataku
tak pernah kau tahu dalamnya rasa cintaku
tak banyak inginku jangan kau ulangi
menyakiti aku sesuka kelakuanmu
ku bukan manusia yang tidak berpikir
berulang kali kau lakukan itu padaku

jika cinta dia jujurlah padaku
tinggalkan aku disini tanpa senyumanmu
jika cinta dia ku coba mengerti

teramat sering kau membuat patah hatiku
kau datang padanya tak pernah kutahu
kau tinggalkan aku disaat ku butuhkan mu
cinta tak begini selama kutahu
tetapi ku lemah karena cintaku padamu

jika cinta dia jujurlah padaku
tinggalkan aku disini tanpa senyumanmu
jika cinta dia ku coba mengerti
mungkin kau bukan cinta sejati dihidupku

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