Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bass slaping (technical guitar) part 2

you ever heard of a bassist playing his bass with a loud passage, or phrase in the 'betot' to produce the sound 'ctheng. '. This technique is basically rammed into the boards string bass neck causing this noise

do with one key first, after trying to combine the smooth passage of the two thumbs and one index finger tapping, it is necessary also in the habit of that movement should now reap the low strings (with thumb) right-hand position will be more closed to the bass, whereas when plucked guitar string ( with the index finger), then the palm of the hand or thumb will be slightly visible move toward luar.dengan thus be more efficient movement
This technique frequently encountered in musikjazz, and funk performances. MARK king is level 42 and bass player Flea RHCP is a world class bassist who often uses this technique in her song
This technique also is divided into two parts, namely: 1 by using the thumb, by giving effect to reflect the string / hitting the string with your index finger
2 by using the index finger, that is by pulling and releasing the string until the sound 'cetheng. . 'Are heard clearly.

but if using this technique will yield even with the same stern voice and a very dynamic, in Indonesia this technique is often called 'technik choper'
if you want more clearly, listen to the song 'airplane' RHCP's, and the song 'CRAZY LOVE' belongs to the gods. in the song there is a special technique slaping,here you can get bass guitar instruction

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