Thursday, May 20, 2010

'Gesang'; the death of the maestro kroncong Indonesia

re sad news came from Indonesian artists, this time the creator of the song 'Solo', Famous song "Solo" which legend was born of modesty Gesang.
At the age of 92 years, Thursday (20 / 5) 18:07 o'clock, Gesang died at PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital in Solo, Central Java. He was hospitalized since May 12 due to complications of coronary heart disorders, respiratory tract infections. Friday afternoon, the plan deceased will be buried in General Cemetery Pracimaloyo, Solo, with a military ceremony.

In an interview with Compass in 2002, he said, "I was not a brilliant musician, let alone the music experts. Even if the musicians say, yes (I), including a countrified songwriter, "said the artist born Notodiningratan, Solo, October 1, 1917.
Loro Ongko Muhammadiyah school graduates (1929) in Punggawan, Solo, was also admitted to the school that can not specifically about music education. His father, Martodihardjo, is a batik merchant.
Growing like a teenager in his neighborhood, Kemlayan, which was inhabited artists, the 5th child of 10 brothers had joined the group Village keroncong Marko, abbreviation of Marsudi Agawe Pillars, Arts and Sports. He then joined as a singer in a group keroncong: Kembang Kacang, bunga mawar, and irama sehat. "bengawan Solo" includes a song written by "ordinary." According to one version, the "bengawan Solo" was born from rengeng-rengeng or hum Gesang. Then, two colleagues, Slamet Wigyosuharjo and Sunaryo, written notation.
"Only" 44 songs composed. At the age of 24 years, when it fell in love with a girl from Kampong Notosuman named Sawaliyah, Gesang write "sapu tangan", a song that to this day become the standard song keroncong. When parting with loved ones, he wrote "pamitan" (1940) in the Java language. 1990s, the song was sung in the Indonesian language by Broery Pesolima.
When he was amazed by the panoramic taman Tirtonadi, was born the song "Tirtonadi" (1942), the park's Castle Mangkunegaran. When joining the group play Star Surabaya in Surabaya, Gesang composing "jembatan merah" (1943).
Long before people knew "Imagine" by John Lennon, has written Gesang dream about a world of peace, "dunia berdamai" (1942). Gesang patriotism seen in some songs, call "sebelum aku mati" (1963). During the struggle, about the second clash, was born "dongengan" Java language. The song contains a message to the fighters (or whoever) do not forget the people who struggle at times struggled to help the struggle. End song questioning "safe yen Suk walese what?" (Later on when it's safe, what are you doing?).
Gesang has gone and left a legacy of timeless songs. What is our reply to Gesang, well-Gesang Gesang others, who had worked for his country?he is a music teacher from indonesia

and this is the legendary song from Gesang:

Bengawan Solo
Riwayatmu ini
Sedari dulu jadi...
Perhatian insani

Musim kemarau
Tak seberapa airmu
Dimusim hujan air..
Meluap sampai jauh

Mata airmu dari Solo
Terkurung gunung seribu
Air meluap sampai jauh
Dan akhirnya ke laut

Itu perahu
Riwayatnya dulu
Kaum pedagang selalu...
Naik itu perahu


  1. Thx Mr. Gesang, you are biggest master musician of kroncong Indonesia.

  2. Gesang membuktikan bahwa Musisi Indonesia ga kalah ama negara lain ... Selamat Jalan Sang Maestro Info Kesehatan