Tuesday, January 5, 2010

mega concert 'ungu band' at the singapore indoor stadium

Latest news from the music industry in the country,Indonesian musician was again successful with the 'mega concert'this time the band which is identical with the color purple, which also became the name of this band.yes 'ungu bands' concert held on 24.03.2010 the plume. . . in the 'singapore indoor stadium''ungu band' is the first band in asia who held a concert there.
franco metjaya commonly called 'enda' the guitarist, said, 'really cool and satisfied with this concert'not only that, the excellent teamwork of the night was in grateful,purple deserve in align with the international band because their fans to reach thousands of people in singaporeit proved with VIP tickets and sold out of regular ticketsbefore the concert in their title rigorous training, because the concert was in his second full hour.and result in millions of pairs of eyes that concert with a satisfied smile expression, happy, hysterical, and others. . .not only that, the purple gives a lot of surprises in singapore, even at their last session dangdut nuanced rendition of 'cinta gila' and 'hampa hatiku'

bands that carry the flow of progressive pop music was scheduled to be held next concert in Malaysia dated 01/05/2010give applause to the band that gave ungu band pride for the homeland

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