Thursday, February 4, 2010

'J-ROCKS - falling in LOVE lycrics'

one more band in a great country with a different music streams from other Indonesian bands
j-rocks was established in 2003 with the personnel:imam (vocalist)sony (guitarist)wima (bassist)anton (drummer)

J-rocks are identified by the event 'audition Nescafe', they get the first champion of the event.j-music colors the fresh rocks have made the label 'Aquarius' interest and signing them with the release of the album "TOPENG SAHABAT'
in the year 2007 j-rocks feat 'Prisa Adinda arini' on track 'kau curi lagi "and release a second album entitled' SPIRIT 'This album is everything nuanced songs rock n 'roll, blues, and classical. . . Such songs "Juwita hati, tersesal"
2008 j-rocks to get the title of "THE BEST BAND WHO CAN FREE THEIR VOICE" in 2008 and get a gift SOUNDRENALINE recordings on 'Abbey Road studios, london.inggris.and in the month of December was chosen as the j-rocks 'spokes MTV Staying alive in 2008' with the song 'MERAIH MIMPI"
j-rocks also in passion for style 'ghotic' them, with a haircut 'harajuku' Japanese-stylej-rocks and now the fans liked them, named JFC / JRS (J-Rocks fans club)

this is the song that makes j-rocks awarded 'spoke MTV Staying alive in 2008', entitled 'meraih mimpi'

J-Rocks – Meraih Mimpi

mari berlari meraih mimpi
menggapai langit yang tinggi
jalani hari dengan berani
tegaskan suara hati
*courtesy of
kuatkan diri dan janganlah kau ragu
tak kan ada yang hentikan langkahmu
Reff : ya..ya..kita kan terus berlari
ya..ya..tak kan berhenti di sini
ya..ya..larilah meraih mimpi
ya..ya..hingga nafas tlah berhenti
ku akan bertahan
hadapi rintangan
perlahan-lahan dan menang
jalani hari dengan berani
tegaskan suara hati
kuatkan diri dan janganlah kau ragu
tak kan ada yang hentikan langkahmu
tak ada yang tak mungkin’
bila kita yakin
pastilah engkau dapati

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