Thursday, March 11, 2010

The song 'Barack Obama' to greet Barack Obama

Jakarta - SDN 01 Menteng or commonly called SD Besuki been preparing to welcome the arrival of U.S. President Barack Obama. The team continues to practice choral songs to be sung while welcoming the president of the United States was 44th. Menteng elementary school was one in Indonesia that is scheduled to visit the president in America 'Barack Obama'.
Barack Obama likes folk songs from Indonesia, Not only is Obama's favorite songs and folk songs, a song titled Barack Obama was being prepared to welcome Obama.

"The kids also love this song. Later we will sing this time greeter Obama," said team coordinator of SDN 01 Menteng Choir Zubaidah told reporters at SDN 01 Menteng Jl Besuki, Central Jakarta, Monday (15/03/2010).
According Zubaidah song 'Barack Obama' is actually sent by someone named 'M Prayitno'. Prayitno sending pieces of the song in the form of a CD complete with music arranger and song lyrics.
"Once we play, it turns out the kids like and easy to play," says Zubaidah.
Here are the lyrics of the song:
Barack Obama
Bocah kecil lucu
Dulu ada di sini
Barack Obama

Jakarta tempat berpijak
Si kecil sina...u
Watak Indonesia melekat di jiwanya

Kolaborasi bekal menuju dewasa
Cerdas pimpin negeri

Barack Obama
Serukan pada dunia
Agar damai senantiasa
Takkan ada lagi terdengar
Jerit tangis merintih

And you
Welcome please to Indonesia
Nasi goreng and rambutan
Waiting for you

many do well in preparation to greet the people of Indonesia 'Barack Obama' such as:
  • prepare a number of folk songs
  • Barack Obama makes sculpture
  • Barack Obama's face paint ....
  • and said 'welcome to Barack Obama'

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