Monday, April 12, 2010

new vocalist 'Kerispatih band'

once again a talented Indonesian musician tripped drug case, now turn to the band from bogor which stood at 21 April 2003 that 'Kerispatih band'. the vocalist who was taken from Indonesian Idol talent search competition called Hendra Samuel Simorangkir or 'Sami' drug trip and make 'sami' on hold police

after 'sami' on hold by the police, Keri Noble decided to issue 'sami' out of Keri Noble. to fill the vocalist position, these personnel Kerispatih audition to find a new vocalist
and on 10 May 2010 has officially joined the home town of Jember guy named 'Fandy santoso', premiering on stage through SCTV INBOX event that was held in Malang, he immediately get a message from the thousands of 'mahapati' that is called fans Kerispatih
Fandy vocals but this is very much different with sami, 'we did not find the same vowel characters like sami, because it's not replaceable semi characters' words badai the keyboardist
Kerispatih was hoping to be accepted by Fandy mahapati and music listeners

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